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Inspector 22
"Hey Man, I Understand" CD ODE-04

Release Date: 10|13|09

Inspector 22

Inspector 22 started as the solo-project of Todd Emmert in 1997, initially recording cassettes to trade with friend Clarque Blomquist (WAUMISS, Kingsbury Manx) and an acquaintance named Grux. There were probably 15 or 20 cassette releases made in editions of two or three, of which two notable CDs were compiled: "Friendship Cemetery Revisited...", a twenty song "best of" and "Worship The Shoe", an avant-garde a cappella album. In 2002 a seven inch, "Rainy Day Saints", was pressed in an edition of 200 and self-released. In 2003 the eight song EP, "Disco Mystic", was recorded, but never officially released. In 2008 the concept album "Irni" was released, which marked the first Inspector 22 album for an actual label (Dontrusttheruin). "Hey Man, I Understand" is the first I22 record released through Odessa.

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'Disco Mystic' Unreleased 2003
'IRNI' CD Donttrusttheruin 2008
'Hey Man, I Understand' CD Odessa, 2009
Inspector 22